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Sadenco Safe Dependable Engineering & Consultancy – www.saden.co

We provide Safe and
Reliable Engineering Solutions…

Sadenco (Safe Dependable Engineering & Consultancy), serves in transportation and automation industry.

About Us

Sadenco is involved in project management, engineering and consultancy activities in all transportation systems projects, especially in railway systems, in software development and certification processes for safety critical systems, in industrial automation and energy automation projects.

Sadenco provides safe and reliable solutions to meet customer needs and demands at the highest level. While these solutions are being produced, we meet with experts at home and abroad if necessary, and the solutions that are needed are offered to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Functional Safety Engineer


Sadenco offers solutions in the following areas where safety and reliability are at the forefront,

• Railway Systems Signaling Projects
• Functional Safety Applications in Railway Systems
• RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintenance, Safety) Analysis
• Communication Based Train Control Systems (CBTC)
• European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS)
• SCADA and Automation System Solutions
• Training
• Industrial Automation
• Energy Automation
• Control System Design and Applications
• Energy Monitoring Systems
• Smart Grid Systems
• Smart House Systems
• Building Automation
• Data Logger Systems
• Data Monitoring Systems
• Internet of Things


A Company where Engineering meets with Safety and Reliability…

Project Management in Software Development Process

Project Planning

Determining Project Work Packages and Work Plans

Obtaining Project Calendar

Project Management According to Project Calendar and Plans

Requirement and Documentation Management in Software Development Certification Process

Determining Software Requirements

Determining Software Safety Requirements

Determining Documentation Tree

Providing Documentation Traceability

Obtaining the Know-How Library for the Company

Verification and Validation (V&V) Support in Software Development Process

Obtaining V&V Plans

Determining V&V Techniques and Methods

Application of V&V Methods and Techniques, Reporting and Evaluation of V&V Results

Testing and Reporting Support in Software Development Process

Obtaining Test Requirements with respect to Software Requirements

Realizing the Tests, Reporting and Evaluation of Tests Results

Project Management in Control and Automation Applications

Project Planning and Application Support for New Projects

Project Management Support

Project Cost Control

Project Application Preparation (Tübitak, Teydeb etc.)

Fault Diagnosis, Fault Recovery and Control System Design Applications in Control and Automation Projects

Analyzing the Actual System and Increasing the Productivity of the System

Revision of the Actual System According to Customer needs and Demands

Preparation and Application of Emergency Scenarios

Preparation and Application of Fault Diagnosis and Fault Recovery Scenarios

Control System Design, Controller Design Applications


Basic Functional Safety Training

Railway EN 5012X Trainings

Road Vehicles ISO 26262 Trainings

IEC 61508 Trainings

ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 Trainings

IEEE CBTC 1474.X Trainings

Railway Signaling and Safety Applications Training

Raspberry Pi Trainings for Industrial Applications


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